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>> Thursday, August 26, 2010

in the last little while, we've had a lot of changes around our life. we've done half the renovations on our new house, and the mini started to walk (and now run!) .

we've been adjusting to the quirks of the new house and the new neighbourhood. i started running again. we bought a new laptop.
in the next few weeks, there will be even more changes happening for us - i will start my new job at my organization's north office which is closer to home, hopefully enabling me to spend more time with my mini, but also brings a new learning curve - and a little stress and anxiety as i look towards a new set of responsibilities and leaving a team that i love. the second half - and the more intrusive half - of our renovations will hopefully start in late september and then we are DONE with home improvements. we are going to start working on a new household budget to even further work on reducing our debt load (thank goodness, i am definitely employing some retail therapy as all these changes happen. sorry, beb!) we are heading into fall as well - which i am definitely looking forward to (chunky warm sweaters, jeans and the crisp, clean air in the mornings when we go for our runs).
i've also decided to close up my beloved triplestitch shop. i've already closed my destash and my graphics shops. while i love crocheting and making things that aren't metal-related, i just don't have the time or the energy to promote it as much as i do my jewelry. so once the pieces currently in my shop sell/get traded/expire, i'm going to rethink my marketing plan for muffintop, and work on integrating some more metal clay pieces into my fall collection.
change is hard, even when it's GOOD change. but we're are definitely up to the challenge.


Julie August 26, 2010 at 9:01 AM  

my word, you sure are busy! I am setting up to re-open my shop after the summer closure. I've decided to give it all I can, rather than just using it as a "hobby". I'm excited and very nervous. We'll see how things go!

steph August 26, 2010 at 11:11 AM  

I understand that feeling of giving just one thing all your attention, I've closed all my outside shops and will be giving my all to my main shop too.

I can't believe mini has grown so much in between your blog posts, she seems like such a little toddler now!

You must be having such an exciting time right now, with all this work house and family life!


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