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>> Friday, July 30, 2010

it's funny how addicted to twitter i've gotten. not that i really think that anyone reads my tweets (but feel free to tweet me @muffintop5) but i have found the most amazing things via twitter. take this, for example - the fabulous onetruetree had tweeted about the fact that Lucy B's 2011 diary project still had spaces available. of course i was curious and clicked on the link... and found the neatest way for artists to promote!

lucy's "diary" is in it's 4th year and for each day of the year, an artist/crafter/musician/poet/artsy type person decorates a page. you can check out the details here - Diary 2011. of course i had to see if i could be a part of it. i emailed lucy - and she was able to squeeze me in! so, i tried my best to whip up a page (the deadline is tomorrow, so i was kind of limited in what i could do but i think it looks okay) for her. i'm friday, june 17th, 2011!!!

not only is it cool to be able to promote myself in such a unique way, but to share in this artistic venture with other artisans is really fabulous. this is so different and creative compared to a run of the mill advertisment on craigslist - this is definitely going to be my daybook for next year! thanks, lucy, for all the work and heart that you've put into this! i can't wait to see the finished product!!!!!!!!


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