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>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

needless to say, the last two weeks and three days have been absolutely insane. we staged our house and put it up for sale. we went back to work. the mini went to grandma and grandpa's. and we are still in one piece!
first, i've been transitioning back to work. and it's been relatively seamless on the office side of things. but i miss the mini terribly. she seems to have settled in quite nicely with my parents, but today i think it really clicked with her that i leave her there for a period of time. my mom said that she kept looking out the window, and got excited everytime their front door opened. work is busy, but i am so anxious to pick her up (or get home if the husband picks her up) at the end of the day. sigh.
second, after 30+ showings in 5 days, our house SOLD! so now, all of our stuff is out of storage and back in the house ready for the move. it was good to know that someone wanted our little crooked city house - i so hope they love it as much as we do!
we've had a few meltdowns adjusting to this schedule, but i think we're getting there. seriously, kudos to all you working moms out there - i salute you! and all you stay-at-home-moms - oh, how i envy you!!!!!


Christopher And Tia May 12, 2010 at 9:19 PM  

Oh HOW cute is your little baby muffin?

YAY for selling your house. I bet that feels really good.

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