i heart handspun wool!

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

i think i'm in trouble. even though my triplestitch shop isn't bursting at the seams with sales, i am so addicted to making those darn cowls. with handspun wool. the chunkier, the better. there are so many talented spinners out there, that i am sort of inspired to get myself a spindle and some wool roving and try my hand at it. (yes, i know that there is an accident waiting to happen somewhere in there. so shush.)

isn't it a spindle that sleeping beauty sticks her finger with and falls into that long sleep? hmmmm. probably not a great idea at this point, since the mini is now officially crawling and cruising around EVERYWHERE. she is definitely keeping me on my toes! several skeins of handspun have ended up nearly hopelessly tangled by her little baby hands. i know that she is dying to take her first steps - sometimes she tries to let go of my hands, thinking that she can do it herself, but of course, she can't. the poor thing has very bruised shins, but she is so determined to move on her own that she just keeps going.

she also has four - yes, count 'em! - teeth, which means eating is now an adventure in itself! the projective vomiting (well, it wasn't really projectile, but it certainly made a mess and made me crazy) has slowed down considerably and she seems really eager to try new foods. no more baby food for this one!!!! i can't believe that she is over 9 months now... sob! my baby's growing up!!!!


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