the great reorganization

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

okay, so i've been DYING to reorganize the basement and eventually move my stuff back down there - i've been working upstairs in the kitchen so that i can be closer to the baby. when she was a newborn, things were so hectic so to make things easier - and quicker to access - i'd been working out of the kitchen. anyhoo - i haul the mini to ikea and not only don't they NOT have the shelving i want, but they also don't have the bins i want either. so i buy another shelf in the hopes that it will help get me kick started and it seemed soooooooo small. like too small to be good for anything. except maybe holding knickknacks. and maybe a marble or two.

but i sucked it up - seriously, i don't want to go back if i don't have to - and set it up anyways. although i still have a heck of a lot of sorting and putting away to do, it seems servicable for now. the pictures make it look like i'm still disorganized - but this is TEN times better than what it looked like before. i've even been able to set up my little sewing machine and get working on some fabric-type ideas that have been buzzing around my head. but this is what i get for going alone to ikea.


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