The Lost Art of Trading

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

it's financially difficult for everyone these days - but lucky for me, i have the honour to belong to (and co-lead) an amazing group of crafters who believe that trading is the way to go! not only do you meet some wonderful people and get to see their fabulous talents, you are able to trade your items for things that you have wanted/needed/coveted! my street team, the TradeAHolics, just had a HUGE trading event on etsy and i was able to trade some of my jewelry for things that i wouldn't be able to make in a million years! (okay, well maybe i'd be able to make them, but it would take a million years and they would look or taste like crap.)

peculiarparchment (the alter ego of my co-leader, raevyn77) makes these thank you cards that i cannot do without. they are perfect for sending little notes in the packages i send out! i think that they are totally sweet.

i've admired this lovely little pouch by bagsbytracy for months. and now it's mine!! tracy makes the loveliest bags - i already have one of her totes - and i can't wait for this one to come!!

my friend sparklegarden just opened another shop for her fabric creations - twigandfeather. these cute little napkins will be perfect for the mini when she starts to eat solid food! or for me, when i eat...

... the stupendous looking snickers fudge to the right from hillsidebakery! seriously, fudge AND snickers? yum. the husband will probably kill me for bringing this into the house - he's dieting down (i can hear him on the stationary bike as we speak) and subsisting on chicken breasts and brown rice. i'm sorry in advance, honey. don't worry, i'll eat it all myself.

since i've been home on maternity leave, my mom has been helping me with the upkeep of my garden. so, this is going to be for her! mirasolfarm makes this amazing gardener's hand lotion and i can't wait to give this to her!

nitelily3's bags are to die for. this little card holder is from her "bella" series - perfect for my new "twilight" purse which is on its way!

ah, the fabulous spartasoap... i've traded with her several times before and her soaps and lip balms are amazing. her peppermint soap was a standby for me during my first trimester last summer - not only does it smell fresh, but it has a lovely tingly-ness too. hmmmm... i think i need a shower...
... which will also include some of yourtimebodytreats' vegan chocolate body polish! i know i won't be able to resist eating some of it. sorry, yourtime!!!

thank you for such fabulous trades... and for being so tremendously talented! and especially for loving my jewelry enough to trade with me! go team go!
if anyone with an etsy shop wants to join the street team, you can check us out here: but i cannot take any responsibility if you get addicted.


Anonymous,  July 25, 2009 at 9:11 AM  

These are amazing trades. I just posted about a necklace I made using a cabochon that I traded lampwork beads is a great way to get something you want but don't really have the extra money for. Great idea!

Christopher And Tia July 25, 2009 at 10:45 PM  

Oh wow. Looks like you've been updating your blog way more now! I should come by more often :)

I didn't know there was a trading group!! Too bad I'm letting my etsy shops die off, or I'd TOTALLY join.

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