bumbo love & the fate of the pickle jar

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the pickle jar became quite infamous in my family. true to form, while i was pregnant with the mini, i craved pickles. so, one day when the husband and i went to wal-mart, we bought a huge - and i mean HUGE - jar of vlasic pickles. it was on sale for $3.47 and i couldn't resist. however, it was so huge that i had to lower the top shelf in the fridge to store it. and then, of course, my craving went away.

fast forward to last weekend... and the pickles were finally finished!!!! and i was left with this ginormous jar, that, of course, i had grown attached to after having it in the fridge for months.

now, it's a beautiful vase, filled with hydrangeas and lavender from my garden. talk about recycling! :)

the mini loves her bumbo chair. she seems to have a very strong back and we had initally put her in it starting a couple of weeks ago. at first, she was so small that we had to stuff a towel around her waist and eventually she'd end up bowed over and would chew the middle piece. but this week, she's filled it out a little more and looks like a regular little archie bunker in her little chair! seriously, she looks so proud of herself, sitting up like a big girl! she really likes her independence and the bumbo helps immensely.

the only problem is, the way the bumbo positions her body sometimes results in - ahem - a poop blowout. i wonder if archie had the same problem.


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