Almost at 36 Weeks... and the Twilight Phenomenon

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i hate to admit it. i'm addicted to the Twilight series of silly, young adult-geared, first-love-is-oh-so-dramatic! novels. sigh. it partially happened because i first fell in love with the mittens that the main character, Bella, wears in the movie... no, i haven't seen the movie, but those mittens are to DIE for! being totally hopeless with knitting needles, the wonderful CupcakeCardsAndGifts ( ) traded me some jewelry for a custom made pair and i've worn them all winter. so, of course, with all of the hype around the movie, i started reading reviews of the book but was able to resist for the most part. seriously. i am 35 years old, 36 weeks pregnant, and a grown up, for f*ck's sake!

then i visited my friend Tia's blog ( ) and saw that SHE had blogged about how SHE got addicted, thanks to her husband. yeah, thanks, Chris!!!!! she and i got started talking about the books, and that was it. i went and got a copy of "Twilight" and the rest is history. yes, i am kind of horrified at the fact that Bella is a somewhat co-dependent, klutzy, mopey teenager. that Edward is kind of overbearing. that it only seems to rain all the time in Forks. that i think it's about time that they go further than first base (yeah, i know that they'll probably get around to it eventually). seriously though, i think that i'm just going to chalk it up to hormones and the sappy romantic feelings that i've been having as i get closer to the mini-muffin's due date and just go with it.

speaking of due dates, i went to the doctor today and i'm 1 cm dilated. wow. seriously. yeah, i know that i can stay this way for a few weeks yet. i'm getting to the point where i'm quite unwieldy and uncomfortable... but i realize that i don't think i'm ready for her to come yet! i'm going to be a mom. i'm going to be someone's mom. the husband is going to be someone's dad! eeek! talk about exciting... and nerve-wracking!


Smile Moon Woodworks April 2, 2009 at 3:43 PM  

Sounds like the whole mommy thing is starting to sink (frighteningly) in now. Don't worry, sweet pea. You're gonna be great at this!

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