Wire Wrapped Loops, Taking the Homicidal Edge Off... and I LOVE my Husband!

>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i went for my latest baby checkup yesterday and got some really good news:

- i don't have gestational diabetes! (i guess that gives me free rein in the candy aisle!!!!)
- i gained 3 pounds this month! (i was worried that it was going to be 10)
- blood pressure and cholesterol and all the other stuff she checks for is awesomely fine
- my uterus and the baby measure perfectly normal

i did have two questions for the wonderful Dr. C though:

- can i take B6/niacin complexes for the carpal tunnel syndrome? (her answer was not really, since the amounts i'd have to take are pretty high. so i'll just have to stick it out for the next few weeks. thanks to smilemoon for the suggestion though!)

- will the homicidal feelings i've been having go away??? (her answer was preceded by sympathetic laughter - and then she suggested that i get more rest and perhaps increase the iron in my diet. she attributes it to hormones and says that it should go away after the baby comes. as long as i get some sleep.)

i was mostly concerned about the homicidal feelings. no, i haven't killed anyone, and of course i wouldn't, but i FEEL extremely irritated, frustrated and my tolerance for anything slightly resembling stupidity (including bad drivers, potholes, the constantly malfunctioning Xerox machine at the office, and other people's spelling errors) is very, very low. which means that i am quite prickly (or, as the husband says, UNCOMFORTABLE) to be around. because i usually don't feel this way, i am also irritated at myself. so i guess i'll just stuff myself with iron-rich peaches, spinach , oats and beans and hope for the best. or at least, a minimal amount of bloodshed. i apologize to anyone i may have already p*ssed off. :)

actually, what's helped keep me (relatively) sane is my newfound love for wire wrapped loops. i've made several bracelets like the one pictured above, all with gemstones, brass stampings, and wire wrapped loops. almost rosary-like, they drape wonderfully, and i find that the little loops showcase the stones! of course, it takes me probably twice as long to make these due to the fact that i can't feel my fingers and therefore am EXTREMELY clumsy, but it certainly keeps me busy and stops me from stomping around the house and scaring the poor husband.

(who is also doing a great job of keeping me sane. thank you, hunny, for cleaning the house yesterday. and for telling me that i am the prettiest pregnant lady you know. and for not running away when i was insane yesterday and the day before. hopefully soon i'll return to my normal self.)


Smile Moon Woodworks February 10, 2009 at 9:10 AM  

Aw, sweetie. Keep yourself rested. Fight the nesting urge long enough to sit down with a hot cuppa or just to lay down with a good book once in a while. Take some time for yourself, because those times will be precious few in a few short months. Be well!

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