The Baby Bump and the Metalsmithing Class

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

so tomorrow i'm starting the metalsmithing 101 class that i've been saving up for since last January! i've been so psyched, you can't even imagine. apparently, according to the husband, i've talked about the class ALMOST as much as i've talked about the baby! wow. that says something!
the only thing that kind of throws a wrench into the whole euphoria about this is that i now have carpel tunnel syndrome - a lovely side effect of pregnancy. however, i'm pretty thankful - no swollen ankles or stretch marks or super huge weight gain YET (yup, my mom did call me to tell me that she gained 70 pounds during her last pregnancy - thanks, mom.) ... just this really awful pins and needles/tight muscle/swollen feeling from my triceps to the tips of my fingers. i'm not sure how happy they'll be in the classroom when i drop my butane torch onto the floor, setting everything on fire!!!!!
speaking of the baby - my uterus now measures 25 inches from bottom to top and i heard her heartbeat again today at the doctor's and it's so strong. kind of like a tiny horse clip-clopping in my uterus. the thought of the mini-muffin having such a strong heart makes me teary. (and so sappy sweet that i sometimes throw up in my mouth.)


Smile Moon Woodworks January 14, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

Well, you had me with the whole "teary-sweet" thing til you mentioned the vomit. :-)

Hee hee! Best of luck with the metalsmithing class! I'll bet the mini-muffin comes out wearing a little welding mask!

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