Adventures in Advertising (and Marketing) - Part Two - YOUR SHOP!

>> Monday, February 25, 2008

Okay, so you already know what you want to sell, and you've decided on a shop name and a logo... you might even have some great promo materials and a kickass business card! Now, how do you set up your etsy shop?

Think seriously about the ambiance that you will like your shop to have. Think about your target buyer group and look at other shops (on etsy and in real life) that have the "feeling" that you would like your shop to have. Then create a banner that reflects that. Your banner is the first thing that your buyers see, and first impressions can mean a lot! I know that I'm really turned off by a banner that is juvenile (unless it is for a kids' shop, in which case, juvenile is GREAT!) or poorly done. There are lots of people on etsy who do banner and avatar design, but it really isn't hard to do it yourself if you have a good graphics program.

The etsy labs have a great tutorial on bannermaking here:

They use Adobe Photoshop as their editing software, but any other good basic graphics program will work. Here is a list of freeware ones - I can't vouch for any of them though because I'm a Photoshop girl too!

I actually fiddled around with several banners when I first started. The first one had my MuffinTop muffin logo on it, with pink and brown stripes. I liked it, but as time went on, I felt that it wasn't reflective of my style anymore. So, it evolved into the current one I have now. I quite love it (for now) and feel that it gives buyers some insight into what I offer. (It's also lovely that it is my favourite colour!) I have kept my avatar, because it is what people in the forums identify me with - plus it ties together all of my promo materials as well. I also try to take photos that complement both my banner and my avatar - keeping it all coordinated!!!!

It's tricky, creating an identity for your shop! It's hard to change it once you start promoting and getting traffic into your store!

Here are some etsy sellers who I think have done a really good job at creating an identity for themselves: - her banner and avatar are similarly coloured, and it's clear what she is offering! (it doesn't hurt that her bags are so awesome!) - her banner is a complete reflection of her art and her avatar is her pretty face! A lovely photo of yourself is a great avatar - she does it in a really artistic way, which suits her shop. - Lisa uses a wonderfully sharp graphic as her banner, and a picture of one of her bestselling items as her avatar. The colour of the banner also reflects colours in her avatar - and it's sharp, crisp quality speaks to the jewelry that she sells. - Sigh! one of the lovliest shops on etsy... Sandra's banner is reminiscent of the colours in her awesome forged items... and her avatar has her sweet little face. Like Tiffany's, the shot is artsy and captures her personality. It's great that her banner also declares that she has flat rate shipping - a great draw for buyers.

NEXT TIME: Taking great photos! (not that I'm any mastermind, but I've been told I take a nice picture!)

xoxoox muffin


capitolagirl February 25, 2008 at 1:05 PM  

Great tips! Thanks for sharing your post with us today.

picciolo February 26, 2008 at 3:39 AM  

morning, really useful tutorial. I'll be back to see what you make for 'old stuff day'!
: )

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